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Celebrities who have had Transplant in Jaipur

There are many celebrities who have had hair transplant surgery in India and greatly satisfied with the received outcomes. The celebrity hair transplant has an increased appeal in India a number of expert hair transplant surgeons are practising in India and has global recognition by providing the valuable contribution towards international as well as the national societies, i.e., the ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc.

Tresses are an important cosmetic asset for our looks and personality, but it has greater value for the celebrity people as they earned and gain everything by their looks and personality. So, they are more curious to know the fact of the procedure and thus many celebrities also headed towards the international countries to receive hair transplant treatment.

But, the scenario of receiving the hair transplant treatment has been changed a lot and now it has a blooming future of hair transplant in India. Previously, it was the right decision to receive the procedure in the international countries, but now it is all possible to receive the treatment in India with the best aesthetic outcome. Due to advancement in the technology and technique and the adapting nature of developing countries like India now weigh an apex position for providing the best quality treatment adhered to the quality facilities. However, there are a number of celebrities taken interest to receive the procedure in India and got happily satisfied with the results.

Celebrities who have had Hair Transplant experience at Medispa, Jaipur are mentioned below:

  1. Virendra Saxena: He is a famous name in the Bollywood movies and played many signature roles, including the famous Bollywood song of “Tu Meri Zindagi hai” of movie Aashique. He received the hair transplant surgery with Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa hair transplant centre. The hair transplant results what he received has been an awesome experience with him. He received the best results by experiencing an aesthetic pleasing hairline and a pleasant re-growth of hair. He expressed his thanks by saying that Dr Suneet is an expert in performing the artistic part of the surgery and whole the procedure went smoothly. He has been greatly satisfied with the received outcomes.
  2. Adi Irani: Adi Irani is known for the character role in the Bollywood film industry. He has contributed the Bollywood film industry by playing the character role in the movies like, Welcome back, Raqt, Wake up India, Welcome, etc. In the words of Adi Irani, he expressed his gratitude by saying that dream about looking aesthetically appealed got all possible owing to the Dr Suneet’s artistic skill of performing the surgery. I got very good results with the utmost natural hairline and satisfied great coverage of the transplanted hair.
  3. Karamveer Choudhary: Actor Karamveer Choudhary has been a famous Bollywood star known for a character in the movie Sultan. He is a renowned name in the film industry was also being affected by the baldness issue. He met Dr Suneet Soni and received the hair transplant treatment in order to receive to best natural hairline design. He got truly satisfied with the received outcomes and says that his desire of looking the most appealing got fulfilled by the restoration surgery and he truly confirms this thing that Dr Soni is a master of aesthetic hair transplant surgery.
  4. Gurmeet Singh Mitwa: He has played a lot of supportive roles in Bollywood movies such as Ghayal, Ghatak, Lazza, and God Mother. He was severely affected by the NW-VI baldness and received surgery at Medispa by the FUT technique of hair transplant. In the words of Mitwa, he replied the question of procedural experience by saying that “I have won the war!” I found Dr Suneet’s precision, especially in the job of hairline design and slit creation, which is wholly and solely responsible for offering the original outcomes. 


It is a great fact that receiving the hair transplant surgery in India is a worthy decision as it comes fitted on the aspect of quality treatment at an affordable cost of the procedure. The advantage of receiving the treatment in India is enjoyed by both the celebrity as well as the common public.

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