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Five Benefits of Possessing an MMJ Card in Arizona

Determining the different ways cannabis impacts the brain can be complicated because of contradictory evidence. Cannabis is a diverse plant composed of many chemicals that include CBD and THC. As Arizona legalized adult-use cannabis, you may wonder what this means for the marijuana dispensaries and holders of mmj cards. Is it worth to visit a CBD clinic in Arizona? From affordability to dosage and access, you will have lots of support for your ongoing care if you possess this card.

Below are some of the benefits of possessing an MMJ card:

Save Money on your Medication Cost

Your medical card gives you access to your medicine for lower cost. If you need life-improving medication that is not covered by your insurance, you will be able to save on your medical costs by getting medical marijuana in dispensaries. Also, imagine if your medicine is highly taxed. With your card, you will have access to marijuana dispensaries that will provide you with the right product for your condition. Medical cannabis dispensaries let concessions for patients.

Have Access to Higher Potency Limits

In terms of medical cannabis, the dosage is quite essential. You might be one of those patients who need access to high-strength cannabis to reduce your symptoms. Shops that sell recreational marijuana abide by potency limits but medical dispensaries may have more leeway.

Today, an MMJ card in the state entitles holders to possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana flower. Without the card, they cannot possess such an amount. In almost all states that legalize the recreational use of cannabis, the amount that people can possess without a medical card is limited to less than an ounce.

Minors can Get an MMJ Card

Recreational shops can sell cannabis to anybody who is more than 21 years old. But, some medical cards let people under 20 to legally access cannabis for their healthcare needs if they have certain ailments such as cancer and epilepsy.

Grow Marijuana Plants

Current laws in Arizona permit growing marijuana plants. This applies to those who live further than 25 miles away from the nearest medical marijuana dispensary. They can grow up to 12 plants at a time in a locked and enclosed area.

Justify your Drug Test Result

While employment rights and medical cannabis are currently not in good terms, you may have an issue at your workplace if you fail a drug test without a medical marijuana card.

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